Line Simulations

Eckhart FotF specializes in creating the digital twin of your entire assembly line to confirm key assumptions, validate proposed solutions, and deliver a visualization of your factory transformation strategy. We specialize in FlexSim modeling and leverage our simulation capabilities to support many of our top customers.

Production Line Evaluation & Work Content Balancing

Throughput Simulation

Layout Modeling

Almost all Eckhart FotF projects require our teams to observe your operation in real-time to assess the current state of your line and understand the work content required to manufacture your products. We then work together to define metrics for success and balance the headcount requirements accordingly.

Eckhart FotF leverages FlexSim to model your entire line in the digital environment. We utilize simulations to model operational assumptions and validate that your throughput goals are realistic and achievable.

We create a model of your facility to maximize your production square footage and iterate in the digital space to ensure that your production process is organized in the most efficient manner. Before breaking ground, we help customers to ensure that their plans to lay-out their lines make the most sense. 

See our Case Study: Logistics OEM for how we delivered a full-line simulation to verify a new layout

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