Improve Material Flow

We support our customers in identifying and streamlining the Hidden Factories inside their operations. Eckhart FotF draws on its experience in supporting some of the best-in-class operations in the world to optimize the way customers handle and move materials within the four walls of a plant.

Footprint Optimization

Optimizing the space and getting the most out of your square footage is one of  our team’s specialties. We understand how valuable every inch of space is and we seek to help our customers identify where they can improve. Many of our recommendations are centered on implementing a solution to maximize the output of a process and reduce the amount of wasted space.  

Eliminate Non-Value Added Activity

We understand the costs of excess handling by operators, unnecessary movements of raw materials, and rearranging WIP. In an FotF engagement, our teams use a data-driven approach to grade your operation, demonstrate the costs of non-value-added work, and recommend solutions to improve it. 

Identify & Streamline the 'Hidden Factory'

Eckhart FotF teams are experts in identifying the ‘hidden factories’ in our customers' operations. We quantify the cost and complexity of managing material and information flows and recommend best practices for streamlining them.

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