Cell Analysis

We specialize in analyzing manufacturing cells with an eye for utilizing automated solutions. Our expertise is rooted in our years of experience as a robotics integrator for all of the major OEMs. An Eckhart FotF team can support your organization through application identification, conceptual design and prototyping, and cell layout and simulation.

Layout & Simulation

Our FotF teams specialize in optimizing your cell layout to reduce non-value-added activity, improve ergonomics, and lower your takt times. We support our customers in creating the optimal cell layout and can simulate your cell to validate our proposed solutions.

Concept & Prototype Modeling

We help our customers to design manufacturing cells from scratch or modify existing cells to improve output. For most FotF projects, this involves creating a digital twin to model prototypes, confirm assumptions, and understand the sensitivities specific to your operation.

Application Identification

During an Eckhart FotF project, we walk the floor with you and identify opportunities for automation consistent with your operational goals and production requirements. We draw on our work across many industries in the Fortune 500 to specify thoughtful, right-sized automated solutions that are used by best-in-class operators.

See our Case Study: Wind Energy OEM for how we completed a cell analysis to improve throughput and quality

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