Case Study:

Renewable Energy OEM

Solar Panel Repair

A major renewable energy generation company approached Eckhart FotF with an idea on how to improve their inspection process. To build and inspect one of their key components, this manufacturer relied heavily on repetitive manual tasks which resulted in poor quality and posed safety risks. After learning about their current way of doing things, we teamed up to visit their site and work together to improve their processes.

The Problem

The Eckhart FotF team conducted a two-day workshop with company experts to define the current sequence of operations, conduct floor walkthroughs and make observations to cross-check the written procedures with what was actually happening, and to align with equipment company’s leadership team on what their future state automation goals were. After the workshop, the Eckhart FotF completed a cell analysis and simulation to understand how an automated solution can improve throughput and quality while reducing risk.

How We Helped

Eckhart FotF delivered a cell simulation and the accompanying business case analysis demonstrating the return on investment. Eckhart FotF estimated  12% in throughput improvements and 17% reduction in defects. The next fiscal year, the equipment company commissioned Eckhart to complete the detailed engineering design, build, and integration of the new cell.


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