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Business Case Development

Our team appreciates the need to have a comprehensive understanding of each capital project investment. We’ve been in your shoes before. Eckhart FotF teams support customers in completing the analysis to understand when, where, why, and how to implement automation in a factory.

Automation & Factory Transformation Strategies

We work with our customers to review operational data, evaluate the current state of operations, and then set realistic, achievable goals for how a transformed factory can perform. Eckhart FotF delivers a comprehensive road-map outlining what steps a customer should take in order to automate and provides recommendations for the best technologies to do so.

ROI Ranking & Investment Justification

A ranking of proposed solutions by ROI and the associated analysis to justify each investment is a core deliverable of every Eckhart FotF project. Our teams support customers in completing the due diligence required to understand when and how investments in automation should be made. Many FotF engagements deliver either a detailed pricing estimate for execution of all proposed work or a written specification and cost estimation for the customer procurement teams to use in the marketplace.

Implementation Planning & Project Planning

Eckhart has 50+ years of experience in delivering turnkey solutions and project support. Our engineering teams support customers throughout the entire project lifecycle. We support our clients in developing and managing the entire implementation strategy from end-to-end and can provide the project management experience to execute on time and within budget.

See our Case Study: Construction Equipment Manufacturer for how we developed a 5-Year Plan

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