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We seek to partner with our customers to develop clear, ready-to-implement plans to transform your operation and maximize your ROI.

Not sure how to get started? We’ve been in your shoes before. Eckhart FotF brings 50+ years of experience in turning ideas into action. We partner with our customers to develop actionable roadmaps for their manufacturing transformation journey. We’ll analyze, simulate, and optimize your operations by identifying opportunities to improve throughput using automation and Lean management best practices.

Improve Material Flow

Eckhart FotF specializes in eliminating non-value-added activities in our customer’s operations. Having worked in many industries across the Fortune 500, we have seen what’s best-in-class and we know what works well for making your product flow seamlessly through your factory.


Our Expertise

Process Engineering

Eckhart FotF supports customers in solving complex, technical problems. Our expertise includes mechanical design and structural analysis (FEA), industrial and operations engineering, and robotics and controls engineering. Leverage Eckhart’s domain expertise to implement a solution in your factory today.

Cell Analysis

Our team’s experience in analyzing and improving manufacturing cells is founded on countless integrations of robotic and other automated solutions. We are a certified integrator for the major OEMs and can support your team in identifying and implementing the right automated cell.

Line Simulation

Many Eckhart FotF projects deliver a simulation of your future factory vision. We utilize 3D models to help our customers visualize their strategy, validate the proposed solutions, and confirm key assumptions.

Business Case Development

Eckhart FotF takes pride in submitting executive-ready deliverables throughout a project. Leverage our team to help define your business case, understand the potential impacts of automation, and complete the analysis necessary to justify investment decisions.

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case studies


Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Eckhart FotF delivered an end-to-end operational review to prioritize how this OEM can meet its 5-year growth plan.  

Renewable Energy OEM

A renewable power equipment company needed to improve its quality and inspection processes. Eckhart FotF completed a cell analysis to overhaul their existing procedure, leading to higher throughput and lower defects. 

Logistics OEM

To improve profitability and increase efficiency, Eckhart FotF partnered with this OEM to complete a deep-dive of its product design and assembly plant processes.

Facility Study


Modeling, simulation, & Engineering

Report out


We know that to make a change, we need to get to the floor and be where the action happens. Our projects work best when we can roll up our sleeves and walk the line with you. Here’s how we run a typical FotF project:

We go to the gemba.


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